Decorative Letters (A) - (Z)
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Decorative Letters (A) - (Z)

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Dimensions: 10” X 14.75”

The Alphabet A:

Every one loves to see their letter, whether its your first or last install, and this is a much more beautiful way of having a keepsake that you can proudly display, and pass on to family members. It is also a gift that can be given to even the hardest to buy for. 

The A is one of any Letter that you can choose from in the Alphabet, and comes in 12kt, 16kt, 18kt, & 23kt

In the mirror area that is shown in the sample, which includes the line work and the outlines are 12kt which appears to look like silver, the term for this karat is white gold. 

There are 3 different types of shell in this design,  two different types of Paua Abalone, and a Green Sea Snail.

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