The Art of Gilded Glass
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The Art of Gilded Glass

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Dimensions are: 30” X 20”

The Art of Gilded Glass...

This piece has many techniques and processes involved

 This is the idea and the cause behind this piece.

 This art form is on the brink of extinction and although a few of the artisans who have learned this very rare art form have been trying to keep it alive. These artisans find themselves among the few and are truly “Keepers of the Craft”. Unfortunately many of these artisans have aged out of the trades or passed on. 

They have limited avenues such as workshops or actually doing gilded glass projects which are mostly found on storefront windows that are interested in setting themselves apart from their competitors.

Gilded Glass is a beautiful art form and is one of the best forms of advertisement for most any business and catches the eye of passersby with the glistening gold it is made with. Gilded glass also outlasts most other advertising options as there are signs that were made hundreds of years ago that still look beautiful today. This makes gold leaf glass signs a great investment that a shop or any business owner would want to have crafted for them. 

So this brings us to the main reason for this store site which is to self fund an Art School that will teach many of  the art forms and techniques that are slowly fading and dying. Your purchase will help us keep them alive in the world and you can also become a “Keeper of the Craft”


What went into the making of...

We start with a plain piece of glass and cut it to size. The edges were then hand nipped (scalloped) and deep cleaning the glass to remove oils or hidden contaminants as to receive the gold leaf. Once that was done then there are two levels of gold applied and a patch. We then back up the gold with a special ink that helps hold the gold in place. The gold leaf process is called water gilding and has been around for hundreds of years. After the ink is dry, the process of removing the excess gold is done very carefully leaving the image of a mirrored gold effect. This is all done on the back side of the glass and is where the term Reverse Painted Glass comes from in the form of decoration, lettering, and so on. 

The centers of the letters of the main copy are 23kt gold and 16kt which have been applied using a gold size and the effect of the size creates a brighter gild by making the light reflect from many different angles so as to always appear to be lit up. There are many different painted effects which can be done, and as our collecting is added too, you will see most of these effects on these beautiful works of art. 

The colors and design elements are done with certain effects in mind such as a high contrast color might make an element of the design jump out at you, whereas lower contrasting colors may be used to soften the effects.

The type of shell used on the circle with the words “Keepers of the Craft” is called agoya with Gold Lip Mother of Pearl as part of the corner decorations as well as blue green Paua which is the corners and above the date at the top.

This type of art is one of the most beautiful and complicated forms to make, and there are many parts of the process that can go wrong even with the best well thought out plans. 

Artisans that do this type of art have to plan it all out before it has even begun and takes a skilled craftsman or craftswoman to be able to produce this art form. It is one of the reasons there are very few artisans who even do this type of work on a professional level.

Photographs and even video are a poor substitute for how beautiful this art form is, and the term you have to see it to believe it definitely applies.

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